Wedding Photography FAQ

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When should I book my wedding photographer?

As a general rule it’s advisable to book your wedding photographer as soon as you have your venue booked and your date secured. However, by all means get in touch if you are organising your day in a short timescale as I may still be available.

How can we make a booking?

To begin with, get in touch. Click on 'Contact Me' in the menu or send me an email to It would then be great to meet up and have a chat in person or chat on the phone. Once you've both decided to go ahead and book me, I'll just require a £100 deposit. I am officially yours for the day and will turn down all other requests.

Do you do group shots?

In short, yes. I tend to suggest around 10 group shots for a  wedding. Any more and it can be quite a drawn out process for you both, and your guests. By keeping it to around 10 it'll mean you'll have more time for couple pictures and more natural, unposed wedding photos, documenting you, your family and guests enjoying your special day.

How long will the photographs take?

I would safely leave 25-30 minutes for your group formals and then another 25-30 minutes for your wedding portraits. Of course any additional time found during the day can be used for additional photos and reportage photography will continue throughout the day.

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What happens if your camera breaks?

I always have my two Nikons with me, various lenses, two speed lights, ample memory cards, batteries and more. It would be very unlikely that something would ever happen to both of my cameras. As soon as I'm home I'll make several backups including online storage, so your Wedding photographs are safe and ready for editing.     

Are you insured?

Definitely. I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

How far will you travel?

I am based in Thelwall, Cheshire but cover any location. I include a 40 mile return trip at no extra charge in all my coverage options. If you require me to travel further that's no problem, we can discuss further when you enquire or when we meet. 

Do you require a meal?

If I'm attending into the evening then yes please. Feel free to pop me in a back room out of the way while you're enjoying your meal with your guests. It'll give me a break too.

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Do we get a USB?

I decided to stop supplying USB’s as like other pieces of technology, USB’s will soon be non existent. So instead you get your images in a personalised online gallery – perfect to view, share and download all your stunning wedding images.

Who designs our album?

If you decide you want one, I do. I always prefer to have another meeting to discuss various design themes, discuss album options and go through your chosen images. I then get to work designing your album and work with you to create your perfect album. Once your design is complete I email you a pdf layout, we can then make any tweaks before it goes to print.

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